Prostate diseases and urologic conditions, common in middle-aged and older men, can be uncomfortable, difficult, and even frightening. They are often complex and sometimes life-changing or life-threatening. This year alone, 230,000 men in the US will develop prostate cancer, ranking it as the number one cancer in men of any age. And approximately one-third of all men over 50 will someday contract prostate cancer.

Other prostate conditions, including enlarged prostates, restricted urinary flow, reduced sexual ability and erectile dysfunction—rank among the top three benign diseases in men over 50.

Find out the key things you as a woman can do to become a partner in his prostate health and help him confront and treat prostate conditions.

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What to look for...

There are 10 signs of a prostate condition that you can look out for. By observing your loved one, you have a greater chance of catching a prostate issue before it advances too far.

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What can you do to help?

Plenty! For starters, you can partner to have regular check-ups.

Other ways you can help

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